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  • 30 Million+

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  • 300 Billion+

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• Award-winning app
• Secure portfolio management
• Sophisticated trading tools
• Informative guides and videos
• Real-time alerts and signals
• App-exclusive promotions

Unlock the perfect trading experience with a
suite of class-leading platforms

  • MetaTrader 4


    Trade on PC or mobile

    Improved trade management and strategy testing

    Algorithmic trading with MQL5 language

  • MetaTrader 5


    Trade on PC or mobile

    Improved trade management and strategy testing

    Algorithmic trading with MQL5 language

  • Text and logo in blue background for VT Markets Forex Broker


    No download or
    installation required

    Just as powerful as MetaTrader 4

    Enhanced with TradingView’s world-class technical tools

Options tailored to your needs

Trade over 1,000 assets


Trade foreign currency pairs in the world’s largest financial market.

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Precious Metals

Trade gold, silver, and copper with a range of spot and futures options.

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Step into the energy market with various options for trading oil and gas.

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CFD Shares

Trade shares and share CFDs of the biggest companies across the US, UK, and Asia.

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Trade over 15 indices tracking the movement of the world’s major stock exchanges.

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Soft commodities

Expand your portfolio with staples like coffee, sugar, cotton, and more.

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ETFs & Bonds

Invest in a wide selection of bonds and bond CFDs issued by the world’s top organisations.

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