Copy trading, also known as ‘mirror trading,’ or ‘social trading’, is an investment strategy that allows users to automatically replicate the trading activities of successful investors, known as ‘providers’. This approach enables less experienced or time-constrained investors, known as ‘followers’, to benefit from the expertise of more seasoned traders.

VT Markets’ cutting-edge copy trading platform, VTrade opens a world of opportunities.

Here’s how VTrade can simplify your trading experience:



Copy trading with VTrade

Automated market opportunities

Capitalise on opportunities and trade with confidence, with no research needed. VTrade empowers you to follow elite traders directly, eliminating the need for extensive market analysis. Copy trading helps you make informed decisions through the expertise of seasoned professionals.

Trade even while you rest

Never miss an opportunity. With VTrade, you can copy trades from pro traders even when you are away. Whether you are sleeping, working, or taking a break, your portfolio stays active, capitalising on market opportunities 24/7.

How VTrade works

For followers

Choose from a diverse pool of over 100 providers, each with unique results, strategies, and risk profiles. With a few clicks, their expertise becomes yours, automatically. No substantial initial capital is required, and by following multiple providers, you can effectively diversify risks. VTrade providers operate globally, allowing you to seize opportunities in 24/7 markets without constantly monitoring them.

For providers

Boost your earning potential through our unique rebate scheme as you share your successful trading strategies with followers.

User-friendly platform

Enjoy a straightforward, user-friendly platform designed to make trading and earning hassle-free.

Seizing market opportunities made easy

VTrade does the heavy lifting for you. Sit back, relax, and watch your profits grow while expert traders navigate the market.

Why VT Markets?

At VT Markets, we prioritise transparency, providing you with unfettered access to global markets, fair pricing, no forced requotes, no price manipulation, and no restrictions. Join our community of copy traders today for a seamless and reliable trading experience.

Follow the best of the best

Explore our top 10 experienced providers on VTrade. Start copying their trades with just a few clicks and witness your account grow.

Join the trading community today

As a follower

Trading made easier

Save time by following the right providers and copying their trades automatically.

High transparency

Browse our leaderboard and compare the providers, performance and profitability.

Adjust your trade size

You get to decide how much you want to invest in and allocate to each provider.

Choose your markets

You can follow multiple Providers who trade different asset classes to diversify your portfolio.

As a provider

Earn extra income

On top of your profits, you get to earn a sizeable commission when your followers make profits.

Zero-fee structure

Categorise your strategies into different offers and earn customisable performance income from your followers.

Build a name for yourself

Get featured on the top spots on the leaderboard and be seen by more potential followers.

Robust and intuitive dashboard

Make data-driven decisions in real-time with our dashboards.

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